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From the monthly archives: June 2013

Now you are President


Whether you became President by default, whether you were the only volunteer or was it a burning ambition to lead your Club, your community, it is now time to step up and show leadership. Here are some suggestions to make your time in the role more enjoyable and to achieve results for you and your club whilst having fun.

  1. Are the influential people in your Club all on the same page? Do you have a plan which defines; Why you exist? (What do your Articles or Constitution say?) What is success? (There may be several objectives here beyond endeavouring to win the competition). Do you have some agreed strategies or goals in order to get there? It is an opportunity to review what you have in place and to spend a couple of hours workshopping this high level stuff with the most influential individuals in your Club to try to get you all on the same page.
  2. Set some agreed goals for the forthcoming year. These do not have to be too ambitious but realistic with regard to such things as number of teams competing, membership levels, a budget with transparent assumptions and financial targets etc.

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