My Club First is creating ripples in the Victorian cricket community through it's latest venture, partnering with the Eastern Cricket Association for the remainder of the 2014/2015 cricket season. 

This move follows the recent news that MCF has partnered with the Box Hill District Cricket Association, which continues to enjoy the benefits of the program by providing a sustainable revenue stream to listed clubs. 

The ECA is a proud association, with some of Victoria's strongest clubs competing. The new partnership with MCF will improve the strength of the association by providing member clubs with exclusive access to priority products and services, all whilst earning invaluable financial rebates that go directly to the club.

All members of the ECA can now access all of the MCF products and services, where they can receive complimentary comparisons and quotes from accredited suppliers. Interested individuals and clubs are encouraged to get in touch with MCF directly via or by calling 03 8614 2925.